I am who I am


I am who I am. 

This I cannot change

I try to fit the molds of other people 

I want to please others,

But when I try, 

I am unhappy. 


He says I should be a doctor. 

A doctor. 

Oh the idolized life of a doctor. 

How perfect it seems on the outside

but this life is not for me. 

But Oh! The life of an artist. 

That is who I am. 


She says I should get married. 

To have someone to take care of me

To look out for me

She says. 

To have one by my side,

To link the lives with another,

Takes away my independence- my freedom

That is who I am. 


The more I try to fit inside the molds,

The more I realize I do not fit. 

I fit into my own mold.

I am who I am 

And this is me. 


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