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I stepped through the vale of unconsciousness. The vale smelled of bubble gum candy. I dived through the clouds on the other side and descended upon a cherry blossom forest. My toes felt the cool grass in between them.
0 degrees: When you are born a girl pink is your life. Your shoes, your dress, your hair bow. It's a pretty cool color.   90 degrees:
From womb to world ‘pink’ was how I was defined. Pink like the Barbies I opposed. Dress they say, cleats I say.   You throw like a girl I hear, until I give them black eyes.  
Dear Lover, I am a lie. I did not mean to be something that I internally despise But I, I can't help it. You believe that we are as we are born and assigned to either blue or pink.
It's the color that warms her face, The color that gives her so much grace. It's the color of her feet standing in the cold, The color that makes her feel oh so bold.
there's this jellyfishstuck in my headhe swims there day and nightand lights up the darkinside of my skulla bioluminescent, fluorescent jellyfishswollen and pinkhe likes to shock me
When I was little I loved pink Pink was the color of princesses and love Pink was the color I was supposed to love Pink was the color every girl should love Every girl should want princesses and love  
i just remember that pink house we used to drive by on our way home all the time   i always thought and always said it looked like a giant pair of pink denchers atop a grassy hill  
Hello, my name is Pink. No, that does not mean that I adhere to your traditional views of what you think I am. It does not make me gentle. It does not make me sweet. Hello, my name is Pink.
One by one Count as they go There they go You are still here Look at them leave. Now by two by two, Somehow you are still here. Three by three Next, they start to go.
A color of love, pink is softer than bright red. Breathes to soothe and warm; happy with its love and trust. Calm breeze replaces wild fire.
What have I become? All I want to do is lie somewhere, on the soft and unbroken earth. Feel the pulse of mother's womb, hear the coyotes calling, wade into a cold  rushing river
What is our innate reason for our existence? Has it always been burning bright - Brighter than the fiery red that fills the sky In an instantaneous sunrise? In some cases, our core has flowed more intensely
There once was a group of friends, The rules… yeah, they would bends; Awkward and silly, They’d laugh wily nilly, But that is not where this poem ends…   The first is a girl named Hannah;
Get all your ducklings in a row
she was always afraid of falling in love
Hostile   Everyone will agree     That is what I am.
Little girl dresses and fancy shoes,Vibrant pink hues,A cotton candy horse in the corner,The rose petal pillow to make the bed seem warmer,High on a shelf a flushed colored ceramic bunny,
Pink is for embarrassment, the insides, cold palms A rat’s tail, a pig’s nose and toenails. A mix of hearts and white out Sunsets, the pink of beginnings, the pink of seashells, blankets;
The color pink is a presuppositionthat was forced upon usfrom birth.We were not given a choice.
He.He never does.He never gives it to her.the crumpled love note in his pocket,that she wanted nothing more than to recieve,the one he was sure she would never want.It turns to lint,
Blooming springtime buds,
pink lips pink hair cartwheels i dont care. sunglasses wineglasses kisses on the run. short skirts outskirts i hate everyone.
  Think Pink! That's what I said It's Pink! It's a shade of red   I know a color so bright It gives me chills to hear tonight It's the color between red and purple
A break in the norm Traditions broken Patterns erased Different, unexpected, new, life   Up or down, left or right, they are no longer options This a new beginning, a new time
Most days I’m a bashful pink.     Blushing and shy.     Constantly hidden. Then I become a ruthless sea green.
I believe in pink, she giggles. As we sit in a room full of people, She is the one eyes are drawn to. Hugs and pink and smiles and more pink A pink sequined pillow that matches her pink sequined boots
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