Like a Bird

What have I become?

All I want to do is lie


on the soft and

unbroken earth.

Feel the pulse of mother's womb,

hear the coyotes calling,

wade into a cold 

rushing river

as my heart breaks 

from the

chilly tears

of my

mountain home.


Nature waits for no man.

Snow shall fall

and winds may whip.

What I'm trying to say 

is that in the simpleness

of a tree

is the secrets of our 


I've tried to not lose my memories

of crisp valley mornings

or the winking of ancient


or the lessons

taught to me by

my sister lion

and brother hawk.

"Come back to The Valley"

they cry.

"Find shelter neath our Willow branches"

they say.

"Lose this Pink hide you have donned in recent years."


If only they knew how much

I missed them.

If I could shed my skin for the

feathers I once knew, I would.


But alas,

this time around

I was given a task

to bring spirit

back into 

this broken 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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