You captivate me.
Your hair, flowing freely in the whispering midnight wind
Frames the face I have long longed to address- but I digress...

Beneath stars and street lamps
I, having grown very old (and very restless)
Ambled nimbly through my dreams and saw nothing of Regret
Upon locating Her among my memories I stumbled sharply,
Stumbled over the image of you.
You captivated me.

And perhaps it's not too late
To return to the place where I last saw your face
To make haste down the alley in search of your grace,
Just a glimpse would do!
Ah, but the world's greatest curse was
the last thing left
in the first woman's box.
If it is
too late
(And it is)
That would not - does not
From gifts already given
So, love that has been riven
Is just as sweet
When I was young, walking down the sleeping, unlit streets
I saw a singular port of sky fully ablaze
And from that fire,
the smallest spark of something I do not understand
Had floated softly from your lonely lit window
and into my life


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