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I smell the whiskey on your breath Third day this week Once again you had too much Once again you took too much Why must I love you so much?
They say that Distance Makes the heart grow fonder But I was fond enough When we walked Alongside one another
since seeing is believing, i close my eyes,  when i hear lies, because seeing is believing...
I wonder if you know what you do to me or what happens when you look into my eyes.   And I wonder if a heart could break from strain of staying away too long.  
I can guarantee that when you see me I will be  overthinking   It's a bit of a curse the outcome can hurt but I'd be lying to say it didn't have its perks  
As I close my eyes Thoughts pop in my head No pain or hurt Just you by my side   Memories of you and I Of the past and now How happy we are Loving to share  
I don't want devastating love  So forget Olivia Pope and her definition of love I want simple, genuine, unadulterated love I want  my love to not be complicated I want my love to be practical
  Lets drift away
Friends meaning of friend has it changed over time has it lost its value look at your friends are they what you would call a friend the old english meaning is to love
  Crossed Paths             An Open Rift             Shattered among all             Forcibly in perkiness             A stone  
Close to breathClose to touchClose to in-betweenHardest rockAnd breathless nightCover beneath the seamsAre you there?Or are you not?Our eyes darkened like cavesYour black night cave eyes
    Close your eyes. Thats what everyone does during a horror movie. When the music swells like a wave, Warning you of some unforeseen terror.
And I think I love your smile the most 'Cause it says all the things I didn't know And if you'd only smile some more I'd smile and know what I didn't before
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