Don’t close your eyes

I smell the whiskey on your breath

Third day this week

Once again you had too much

Once again you took too much

Why must I love you so much?

Do not close your eyes now

I am afraid you may not wake up

They could serve your blood at the bars

Right now you are less blood than mistake

Trying to drown the secret scars

But what price will it take?

Do you remember?

the day you staggered home?

Tripped on the rug 

that has always been there

Past the person 

who had always been there

What would you have done

If I had not been there?

When your head smacked the wood

Did you hear me calling?

Don’t close your eyes

You must stay awake this time

Don’t close them yet

Not yet my love

I remember sitting in my car

Watching the stars pass by

Laughing about everything and nothing

The old church passing by

Cornfields dance in the moonlight

And I saw your smile in the glow

That stupid grin

I knew I loved you then

In that moment

Don’t close your eyes I said

Remember this.

Don’t close your eyes


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