Getting older

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Teddy bears watch and lullabies play, mother sings to me, Her voice so soft and carefree, life is so simple  eat, sleep and repeat.   Toddler years I'm like a bull,
When I got on my knees for church And asked who am I doing this for? When I watched a man die on the street And wondered why anyone need be poor? When I heard students cry out for peers shot dead
I want a refund Is this what growing up looks like? Chasing last week and another robot sex club
Dear Hands, I’m sorry for how I used to treat you, Like disposable gloves. Creating permanent reminders of what has been and was.
1. It’s okay to cry, don’t let him beat it out of you because if you hold those tears inside, they will eventually drown you. 2.Embrace the parts of you that are fearless-they make you strong. Don’t suppress that, own it.
You told me to be strong  To make my own decisions Until my independent choices No longer fit your selfish vision But I have seen the truths 
Its a creak in my bones that makes me shiver. How hard it is to get up I think. Was it always like this.   Was the sun always to bright,  to penetrating in my eyes.
I looked at my watch it was 12am, a mirror caught my eye and then, I saw crow's feet perched on each eyes flank, a long grey beard and my eyes had sank, I looked so old but felt so young, 
I tell you all this, Because I want you to remember. My favorite food, my birthday, What I did last December.   I tell you all this, Because one day I'll forget. What did I eat for breakfast?
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