Dance to the Music

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 23:45 -- 309443

Teddy bears watch and lullabies play,

mother sings to me,

Her voice so soft and carefree,

life is so simple 

eat, sleep and repeat.


Toddler years I'm like a bull,

I'm into everything never still. 

I rule the house with my wailing cries,

My mom blasts Tina Turner and lets out a sigh. 


I master pre-school, know my ABC's

Sing with my classmates -the dancing threes.

I kiss a boy in the playhouse and love to do art, 

My teacher tells me, I am so smart.


Making new friends and learning math

playing team sports, elementary at last.

We dance to Miley Cyrus which we blare in our rooms

Sleepovers and Girls Scouts with giggly girls. 


Competition begins about who is the best

Some gifted, I'm not, I'm just like the rest.

I cry at night, how can kids be so mean

they don't understand me, or so it seems.

I dress the part, wear all the cool clothes,

Yet I feel so very alone.


I find my niche and make my mark

high school does test me, but I've developed a spark. 

I craft my sport and fine tune my game,

I  rock out to country and find my fame. 

I hang with my girls on Friday nights

love going to concerts and seeing the sights. 


I'm independent and smart,

I'm not like the rest,

my creative energy flows, 

I want to dance,

I'm ready to go.


From Teddy Bears and lullabies,

to Hip Hop music on Friday nights.

I've travelled the world and seen the sights

but the joy of music is my internal light.


I'm not there yet, there is so much to see

but I'm growing up,

come Dance with me. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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