Never Grow Up

Wed, 04/29/2015 - 15:00 -- Sierra4

I jumped as high as the sky

and it was really fun

until I fell back down again

and realized I had only been five inches off the ground and my arm was twisted.


I went to the doctors office for my arm

which I had broken, not twisted, and I thought I had a radioactive spider bite.

I thought being Spiderman would be fun

until I realized I wasn’t Spiderman and they weren’t gonna give me a sticker.


I sat around for a looong time

and stayed home from school so I could be an investigator

which I thought would be fun because I would get to go on adventures

until I realized I had to sleep all day, and I wasn’t going to be an investigator.


My arm had a giant heavy glove on it

and I thought I was like Superman

with that giant heavy glove that could pound through anything

until I realized it was a cast and I wasn’t a superhero.


My parents took me to a drag race

and I drove a huge car into a flaming truck

and it was super cool

until they ran out of quarters and told me to grow up.


I stuck my tongue out at them

and I crossed my arms

and I shook my head

and I told them, I’m never gonna get a day older.

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