Growing Pain

You told me to be strong 

To make my own decisions

Until my independent choices

No longer fit your selfish vision

But I have seen the truths 

That you have shut away

And I can't deny them now 

No matter what you do or say 

I'm still trying to respect you

But sometimes I find that very hard

You won't consider my own values 

It makes no difference who you are

I'm growing up now can't you tell

I make decisions for myself 

You can't control me any more 

And sometimes I don't need your help

It's finally time to let me go

I've packed my bags and I can't stay

If you hold me here a captive

I'll be forced to run away

I did not grow up to hurt you

Aging purely out of spite 

It wasn't really my decision 

Growing up is what is right 

Growing apart is also natural 

But that is what you can not see

And now your once protective grasp 

Is desperate, and it's strangling me 

I know that this will hurt you

But if I stay I'll go insane 

I'm moving out and moving on

Despite the growing pain

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This poem is about: 
My family


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