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Many see life as birth, existence, and death. This, quite frankly, is the reality for an appreciable percentage of people. The reality is that people live on through their ideas. A mark, a symbol of themselves and their work.
Sometimes I feel like wasting my time Being here doing nothing, letting life go by But through it all I begin to remember The wonderful blessing it is to be alive.  
Whether it’s walking down the hall or strutting on stage
Shaping a life full of SUCCESS
My life is a motley compilation of jigsaw pieces Composed of memories and minutes, Every breath I take, every friend I make, Every truth I write, every battle I fight Are all transcribed in this puzzle of mine.
Another day has dawned Another night is gone. Time keeps slipping away Leaving us day by day Each one different yet the same And all escape as quickly as they came. Young men grow up to be old
Are the words I speak nothing more to you? Are they just a hollow shell, Or do they carry their weight Through heaven and hell? For you it may seem Hard to uncover. But for me it's easy,
So beautifully flowing, so sporadically chaotic, so miraculously conjoined, the fact of existance, so matter-of-fact, as we live to simply not be. Nothing may begin if there be no end,
Death is not a beautiful thing.           It's terrifying.           Just the though of it makes my heart quicken.            What lies beyond, deep into the abyss.
“We become aware of the void as we fill it.”                                                                                                                                            -Antonio Porchia                
Meaning of Life? Of the Universe? Of Everything? 42? How is that? How can it be? 42? Just create your own 42. Create your own meaning Of Life Of the Universe
Life is art. The world is our canvas and we are the artist. We paint as blind artists, but we paint with our minds. Life is art with many different paintings. And who's to say your painting is beautiful if we are all painting blind?
What is Briana Scott? Young, beautiful, thoughtful, quiet, self-conscious, determined, creative...Lost.  I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing  with this life of mines.
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