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1 Rain beating against a window. 2 Clips of old sitcoms on loop. 3 Both muddled with a blurry sound filter. 4 Digital drum tracks with additional bells and whistles.
The teacher told me to study more. My family wanted me to do well in school, And because of the teacher, my grades began to soar.   Studying soon became a chore,
Studying Muddying Sipping my cup of joe Working so hard until The dead of night. Thanks to my work, I’ve no Availability It is so challenging Staying upright.   Tickity Tockity
I feel ecstasy in these equations, I'm delighted by these approximations. How many piano tuners are there in Chicago? Puzzling through it sets my heart aglow. My enthusiasm is hard-won,
 These tears streaming down my face?  They're for the hours I've spent pouring over books not soaking in information because my sleep depraved mind has lost its ability to absorb anything but the haunting melody of voices crying out give me rest.A
Hello? Open your eyes Do you not see how talented you are? God-gifted and yet  you still fuck up this far? Open your mind Do you not see that you have this thing called  P O T E N T I A L 
Overconfident and unstructured, Never having been pushed to my limit, Thinking about my potential future, And all that came with it.   On the rocks within a course in which I had it all,
Mindset, there As papers and textbooks stare at me I blink. Tired eyes, reddened while the clock tics. Focused, but not As the body says "goodbye" promising to greet me later.
Am I failing?  I'm probably failing. Did I pass? Will you look for me? No wait don't look. I'm not ready. Are you sure? Should I go talk to her? Did you say I got an A?
my head. It bobs. my eyes, they droop. my neck bends. don’t sleep! my fingers they slow, my breath it steadies. my work as my pillow. don’t sleep! minutes lag on as hours
Furrowed brows and scrunched faces
I would sigh and I would cry Why can't you, go suffer too? You know what, EFF you I don’t care about your glares Piss in your pants and lie in despair You little ant You know you can’t
I Am From A Vast World   I am from a Nintendo world Save the Princess Weild a sword You must have courage to beat the dark lord   I am froma fullmetal heart
A poem is A poet's ways Of portraying life Precisely as it is With a twist, Betwixt a reality And no sense of rationality (Rationally-speaking, of course). A poem can
You struggle, and study and sweat. But the score isn’t there. You feel like you just keep trying, and torturing yourself to be better. And it’s never enough. Never enough. Never ever enough.
Yesterday evening I was in a café studying, When across the room I spied something amazing, Between the blond woman in the sweater, And the tall man reading his letter, Past the little girl wearing sparkly flip-flops,
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