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Mon, 05/13/2013 - 11:45 -- rksouza


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A poem is
A poet's ways
Of portraying life
Precisely as it is
With a twist,
Betwixt a reality
And no sense of rationality
(Rationally-speaking, of course).
A poem can
Soar straight to the listener's core,
Enchanting emotions,
Raging, emanating
Sadness, gladness,
Life and death,
Saying in stanzas
What words, otherwise, would not.
A poem is
The God of Literature
Bringing life into lyrics,
Reviving the vanquished,
Not sheathing its shameless spear
Into concepts so naïve,
But rather,
Changing their face
Into something innovative.
A poem can
Be many things,
Bring much emotion,
Angle possible concepts
Into transcended reality.
The God of Literature,
Giving life to words through new faces,
Long live the King.


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