Is it Really Worth it?

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 22:37 -- Piefska


United States
30° 10' 5.5452" N, 97° 49' 3.936" W

Yesterday evening I was in a café studying,
When across the room I spied something amazing,
Between the blond woman in the sweater,
And the tall man reading his letter,
Past the little girl wearing sparkly flip-flops,
I glimpsed an object that nearly made my heart stop.

It was between the cashier and the crawlspace,
It lay daintily and invitingly in the display case,
On the second shelf opposite the yogurt,
And next to the crepes and other desserts,
A dark chocolate cupcake with a sugar rabbit and unnaturally blue frosting,
It beckoned to me without pausing.

I sat glued in my chair with a pencil still in hand,
Mesmerized by the cupcake and taking a break unplanned,
I weighed the pros and cons of eating the dazzling cupcake,
But all along knew that it would probably be a mistake,
I bought the chocolate cupcake and quickly devoured the sugar rabbit
While constantly thinking, is it really worth it?


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