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Poets went from wrting poems to dirges. Bombs too loud to be seen but refusing to be unheard. I laugh. A solemn thought of peace is too absurd.
I am the weight that makes the ground beneath me Tremble When I land on my feet. I am the storms that plow through lands and tear Right through civilization's seams.
Once, I saw a white rose
I am Yin and he is YangI bring peace but he brings painI am pure, while he is corruptedI am collected while he is disruptive
Sometimes going through depression is what makes a person It gives a glimpse of reality A vision with everlasting loneliness and destroyed self-image This emotion holds one hostage
Starting young in this world can be a hassle. Life can get to you so deep at times you would not know where to go. You can get so lost in the crowd people can go along with it, some can go their own way, and some just stay apart.
Intro {INTRO} we back intro, ying yang forever see her booty crack, yall ain't ready for the return of the club poetry crunk, be like lil jon centipede that woman, top model she beautiful,
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