Again Ying Yang Forever

Sat, 08/18/2012 - 07:01 -- FizTzle


United States
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Intro {INTRO} we back intro,
ying yang forever see her booty crack,
yall ain't ready for the return of the club poetry crunk,
be like lil jon centipede that woman,
top model she beautiful,
put it on me make me feel good,
I pop da trunk let you see speakers,
she pop her on da trunk,
me & ying yang always makeing women mad,
Intro {INTRO} I'm still Hustlin on them intro,
say it once I be hustlin {I'M STILL HUSTLIN},
The Girl Keep saleing for money,
& this world still so cold,
no money I feel sorry for you,
do it dropp some low,
then earthquake the floor,
holla at that woman,
saleing for some cake,
let her the closet freak come out,
get a lil low lil jon show,
call the doctor she a earthquake,
she got a headache bad fever,
hey my time ha ha ha,
two step that body,
poetry crunker beast,
hole so tight can she hold it,
turn around dropp it for your homeboy,
sale that body for cake,
make a penny fall off booty,
like booty wurk,
dance girl this is your dance floor,
she love neon lights,
skate that butt that robot mode.



Is this a song? It definitely read as a rap song would, and I think it would be great if you turned it into a song and uploaded a video of you singing it!

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