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Eyes can't Imagine whats there, deep in that open space, so why we travel lightly? , when we could have the best, now looking to mars, If aliens exist what would we do? ,
Sweet love like honey(bunch) oaks, rub me down like mummylocks, the core so round & deep, juice be the seeds, candyapple(Red) bone, maybe thats why she stay, cause that woman love sweet(talk) ,
Put me on the wall (like she always do) , never been dusted off know she cheatin too, beenin on the wall see everything like mini doll, can't believe she keep blowing me off, nothing but a antique put on a wall,
In a depression recession tribulation Me & her hurting for money And we kissing through It Watching money watch online She said do you think We will survive I say baby it's up to god
It Took Year's Of Talking As Friends And Studying To Know What You Like Or How You Like It. To Learn Your Favorite Movies Songs And Even Your Special Restaurants I Have To
Use to drink all the time, torn up from sky to ground, lock up two or three, times ago, you don't know, how it is to slip, I have once falled under, take pain pills at christmas,
Intro {INTRO} we back intro, ying yang forever see her booty crack, yall ain't ready for the return of the club poetry crunk, be like lil jon centipede that woman, top model she beautiful,
It's raining out & I'm standing out Thinking it's been year's now I know it ain't no turning it around Because she don't feel me like I feel her Again drowning trying to catch my breath
Stink like a bear stuck on a tree trunk Baby you smell like a nasty payment Wishing you had soap you couldn't buy Old bread in your Ice box Ted in your knee trunks Girl your boyfriend got a stinky job
See The 50 Million Points Wrote On The Wall, Do They Know Your The One That Won't Fall, Can Everyone See That What You Write, Come To Life Everyday Bad & Good, I'm A Thriller A Big Nightmare,
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