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Once upon a time, in a town far away, You know how the story goes; There lived a young girl with ebony black hair, Snow white skin, and lips red as the rose;
Forget the blood lines that make our trees bright red Forget the colors that highlight our lively skin Brothers, sister, mothers and fathers We are all something bigger, better and stronger Yet…
I dance everyday.
Inside of the seeing ball,  I see nothing at all.  Not a future,   not a past,   I can not see past all this foggy stuff, God blast!  Then the smoke clears,  and a hideous face appears, 
I'm supposed to silence the world.Ears are meant t
Your power comes from a preconceived idea
Candy is delightful, destructive, including soothing.  I relish Reese because, I endure the peanut butter that is cradled in the chocolate. It accumulates mass, however its great to lounge with.
Welcome to
For this committment  For this forever. I am not invested Like you always  Have been. I                                  Let You love me, adore  Me. But that wasn't Fair. Because I will
Colorful cotton candy is grasped firmly in children’s hands. And their parents watch as they go ‘round and ‘round. Some may never have the chance to see these fun-filled lands
exactly how fair does it seem to be put in this world with hopes and dreams to use every day gaining possessions telling lies, truths, and confessions finding some miraculous things
I went to the fair Hoping to make a find. Then I spotted a stand. It was one of a kind.   All kinds of good pies Were setting right there. Could I choose from them all?
I've been to the Fair Cotton candy and sad animals Racing Pigs and the milk shake lady Is it fair? Certainly not for the pigs or sheep Certainly not for the guinea pigs
Paper holds no prejudice, unlike an opionionated conversation,  paper can make readers colorblind, it can recieve little abdication.   Writing can make a poor man esteemed,
Warrior or priest The bravest or a coward Doctor and druggie All fit in a puzzle And all are given a part For if we are but players, Is this not just a game? A game filled with uncertainty
(poems go here) Crouched alone in a corner of her room, Two great white eyes strained to see in the dark. But in a cloud of greyness, what could ever bloom? Still she sat, for her will would not start.
Neon lights at dusk. Spinning silhouettes in the dirt, a cigarette butt on rusted paint. The tribal fringe and fireworks. The smells of hay and grease.
Is it fair to comply to the bad use of the law? Is it fair to uphold that which should not be believed? Is it fair to find demise as a consequence of people's ignorance?
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