Game of Life

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 11:47 -- Myther

Warrior or priest
The bravest or a coward
Doctor and druggie
All fit in a puzzle
And all are given a part
For if we are but players,
Is this not just a game?
A game filled with uncertainty
And the tensing strings of love
A game that casts the dice of chance
And shuffles the deck oh so slowly
For all the players on the board
When those that leave the game still have pieces yet to play
The game can change and twist
Based on the players choice
Roll a zero or a twelve
Go second or forty-third
The game is played
And all come to the board
Some try to watch and play
Others just forge on ahead
But all the players
Want a prize
A prize to show they have won
That they played the game,
That they did not lose!
But there are so many hands reaching
And legs pumping
That the winners of the game
Sometimes come out losers
And those that never reach the goal
Sometimes leave the board,
Happier than those that finished
For it is not who wins the game
Or claims the prize,
Or even who got there first.
It is who played the game
And how they played-
If they chose the right roads
And did the right things
Those that did not worry about the prize
They are the ones who really walked away rewarded
And were glad to play the game
The game everyone has to play
That everyone has a chance at
And the chance to do so good
The mighty game board
And the many pieces
That all made up
The game of life.


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