Inspiring Equality


I dance everyday.

Nothing ever changes.


The studio walls all look the same.

The mirrors all look the same.

The girls all look the same.


We are the survivors, the ones who were not cut.

We survived our audition, but now what?


I plan to go to college, get the grades.

So one day in my studio, nothing will be the same.


I want to see dancers of all shapes and sizes.

I want to see dancers from all backgrounds winning prizes.


But most of all, I want equality.


I want rich dancers, poor dancers, dancers with developmental disablities.
I want children who want to dance, and will take every opportunity. 


Artistic ability comes from within.

It’s not bought or taught.

The children all have a shot.


I will teach ballet, equality, and truth.

So that way, when my students look around,

all they’ll see is equal youth.

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Our world
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