What about Fair


I'm supposed to silence the world.
Ears are meant to hear my words.. And everyone's heart should beat to listen.
But that's not how life works.
You see.. There's no such thing as world peace.
But there is certainly something known as world war three.
Honey.. Let me tell you what's real.
Let me tell you about some life
I'll just give you a little bit of advice.
Nothing is fair.
There are men roaming the streets with ten carrots in a sack, blind, and convulsing forward with epilepsy.
If life was fair, I wouldn't have to cringe every time my friend injects herself with insulin due to her life threatening disease. Also known as diabetes.
No.. Sweet heart, don't grow up thinking life is fair.
Half of Africa never had a father
And our fighting soldiers are often found on street corners.
Isn't pretty.
We are born in blood, writhing in pain, and we'll most likely die the same way.
Don't get your hopes up young one.
Beauty is fleeting..
Some sixteen year olds can't even walk..
Because fires burn and melt skin.
God.. However has a plan.
Don't cry, because your wife abandons you.
Or because orphans are starving for love.
Don't cry for your missing cousin whose been abducted..
Or for your trembling grandfather whose bleeding internally..
Our God
Is love.
Life in no way is fair
But our God knows this
And indeed he has a plan to conquer it.
Our God will give justice and our God will be glorified.
Some women sit... Paying the rent with 100 dollars of worthlessness.
And Moving about with a constant ache,
She strives to feed her inherited children.
And today, we prayed for her.
Because although she lives in a shack, her God hears prayers as purely as an echo in an empty palace ball room.
I'm supposed to silence the world..
But little boys and little girls
I won't.
The streets are too busy with hustlers
And the beds are creaking with prostitutes
Men are setting off alarms as they kidnap little girls
And sirens wail while shots are fired.
It'll never be quiet.
Just as life will never be fair.
But we can rest assured..
That our God never fails.
He will be known as Lord,
And his love will win the battle, then every heart will be open to the throne above.
Let us praise him.
Nothing is


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