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Currents wild, flowing  Rapture unfolds.   Heart is bending, gliding, Soaring with endless wonder and flight. Walk in these footsteps
A step out.  A storm in.  A single drop of blood. One of them, will win.Thundering blasts. Compulsive fasts. Murmurs inside. The skin, opened wide. Sex, oh no, agony and hatefuck,
Looking thru you to  tomorrows i didn’t even know existed -
subtle, subtle, subtle, the only word that helps. because last year was only four hours ago  and four hours ago is only a decade away from now   and all I can imagine is two decades ahead
Is it to fall in a chasm An abyss of despair, To view the horrifying images of eternity? To wake up From a coma And feel the urgency
Let's go home and spill some drinks And then see what the good Lord thiinks This is a poem about a man in my head He put up a fight but now he's dead 
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