Lost Parts


subtle, subtle, subtle,

the only word that helps.

because last year was only four hours ago 

and four hours ago is only a decade away from now


and all I can imagine is two decades ahead

with a screaming voice on my shoulders


will my knees give way to the bubblegum sky

or will I find reason to hold them strong


because the next eight hours are oh too much like

twenty years


and I am not sure if I can last the length

with a voice on my shoulders and a my knees falling into the sky


only this morning did you invite me to watch the stars

but they have turned to a deep lavender

I find my fingers have left my hands to seal up the spots of darkness above.


and since, I have lost all my freckles to the flawless

to contain their perfection to small stars of pastel skin.


I sit while the sound rages on

and my bare hand must pull out the ears

that cause all of this horrid pain


oh what shall I do now

with no knees or fingers, no freckles or ears

to behold your lovely stature. 


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