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My heart is racing fast,My adrenaline is singing.The wind is tearing at me,To my horse I'm clinging.
I am from sweat and hard work,   from the searing heat of summer and the freezing chill of winter. I am from the horse kicked dirt, and the cattle-branded smoke blowing in the wind.  
Not everyone understands the little blue feather, the amount of hope that feather can bring, it is more than just an accesory tucked in a hat, that little blue feather represents hope,
Boots scuffle and kick the dirt. Big bulls snort in anicipation.
This horse holds spirit rumbling real strong A loud neigh and a frightful sight, he rears He is young and unsure of what  is right and wrong Do not be scared dark horse, for i am here.
Her soul is as wild as the mustangs out west. She follows her dreams because it is her quest. She's an untaimed filly out there chasin the gold. Living her life into a story so when wise can be told.
Sit on the fence, too scared to ride. ride 'em hard and turn 'em tight. With faith and trust in her steed, A win is what she needs to add fuel to the flames, which is her life,
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