She's the Mustangs Soul

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 23:01 -- hhuner

Her soul is as wild as the mustangs out west. She follows her dreams because it is her quest. She's an untaimed filly out there chasin the gold. Living her life into a story so when wise can be told. She often suffers from disappointment and cries, but the flame in her heart burns strong because her spirit survives. They tell her she's like the stallion, but her freedom she must sacrifice, if she wants to be somebody and make a difference in this life. She knows their wrong, because deep in her heart everything wild and free is taking her to where the path she had chosen must start. The air she breaths is the knowledge and prepfection she strives. Her grace is improving each and every time she rides. They tell her that her dreams are unreachable, she should give up, shut the door, but if she only goes for what she can reach then what is a heaven for? Her heart beats like a thousand mustangs running in the wind. This girl will tell us once she's number one, faith is where you begin.  


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