Moment of Glory

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 12:54 -- Bug

My heart is racing fast,
My adrenaline is singing.
The wind is tearing at me,
To my horse I'm clinging.

The crowd is cheering us on.
From the grand-stands they watch,
A single-minded creature;
We kick it up a notch.

Rounding the next barrel;
That's a sight to behold.
The crowd's going crazy,
As we're racing for the gold

My dream is playing out,
My knuckles are turning white.
This creature is racing on;
The reigns I'm gripping tight.

Sixteen seconds out there;
Three wooden barrels rounded;
Both horse and rider spent;
The crowd is astounded.

The joy is contagious,
Spreading through me like a fire.
Bliss is showing in our step,
As I lift our trophy higher.

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