Jackson's Big Rodeo


Boots scuffle and kick the dirt.

Big bulls snort in anicipation.

Cowboys bow their head in

fervent prayer hoping to

God they won't be carried

out in a stretcher.

Horses prance around each other

nipping at each of the smaller colts.

The crowds sit in the stands

laughing and oohing, eating

hot dogs and slurping slushies.

Announcers yap about wives

and the good ole' days.

Clowns roll the barrels away

dramatically clicking their heels.

Wranglers whoop and

holler, riding their horses 

wildly around the arena.

Children weave in and out

of cowboy boots, running free.

Each person exudes the excitement

of the Rodeo. 

Whether it is the first time going

or the last. 

No person can help but pulse

with the energy and

remember the old cowboy ways.


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