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How could I ever escape from the sun when I find myself living where it sets and running toward where it rises?   How am I ever supposed to hide from the ceasless calling, the siren's song
 A poor little tanuki who has done nothing wrong has found himself trapped, but not for long. Here comes an old man, tired and frail coming over to save his tail. Now free and happy as a clam the tanuki ran up to thank the old man. "Thank you, sir
 A poor little tanuki who has done nothing wronghas found himself trapped, but not for long.Here comes an old man, tired and frailcoming over to save his tail.Now free and happy as a clamthe tanuki ran up to thank the old man"Thank you, sir!
Red String "Dona Nobis Pacem" connecting us "Silent Night" love of something "Endo no Hana" intangible "One way or Another" in a choir "Betelehemu" we are all
Big eyes Epic battles Adorable outfits Zany people   I'm filled to the gills with them And frankly, I'm fine with that. I'm glad to be the queen of them
The Way Of The World
Red suns rise all around me. Seventeen eighteen year old warriors; Starting their one way trip across the ocean.
japan, my dear, you were so beautiful even after the craving trapped me
Orange, yellow,  red, Slowly all the leaves decend, Autumn fades to snow
The sun has risenBeautiful clear blue skiesThe birds sing their songThe sleepy city comes to lifeThe daily warning soundsThen disappears foreverThe city can go on today
  It started very unexpectedly A quake that hit Japan at two forty-three At first the earth began to moan and grumble And then the Rising Sun sank and crumbled   The buildings were like jelly in a bowl
One, two, three are the lights in a dark dark place they dared to go. Go, stop. Yes, no. Which voice to listen to they're so confused. Prepare for the worst they decided to go.
  Streams of Memories   Just a feeble whisper of the wind in the serene air, A faint hint that something enchanted was about. Glimpsing at mountains standing strong and brave,
Boom, Boom, two were dropped. Lives of soldiers saved due to. A cold age after.
Delicate swans Clutched tightly by man's grip Forbidden to fly.
(poems go here) Ever since I was a young boy My father would tell me to grow up to be a junzi Perfect man, gentleman scholar Cultivate myself morally Treat others with kindness Protect my family
In the heat of the day Toxic waste in the air No children out to play No civilization anywhere
Waiting. Waiting In the endless masses. Others go through the process quickly.
In a land that lies 6,000 miles away, Lies a country that I wish to stay, Morning air sparks my lungs, people here speak in foreign tounges,
Form dusk till dawn everyday you take my breath away, from L.A to Japan let me be your man and i swear ill do all i can. F*ck the past live for the future and from here it looks nice and bright.
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