The Husband

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 07:47 -- chahn94


South Korea

(poems go here) Ever since I was a young boy
My father would tell me to grow up to be a junzi
Perfect man, gentleman scholar
Cultivate myself morally
Treat others with kindness
Protect my family
Cherish my wife
Yobo, you were so beautiful on our wedding day
Though we were not allowed to see each other before the end of the ceremony
I snuck a glance at you
Ivory skin and flower petal pink cheeks
Glittering almond eyes
The same lovely face I fell in love with when I was a child
We were nineteen
The rich cry of the lutes
And happy clanging of the gong celebrating our union
Still haunts my ears
I still remember the warmth of your delicate hand as we danced
And I remember our short lived happiness as you were torn away from me
As the harsh storm rips blossoms from the tree
Never to be seen again
So you were
The blood drenched sun scorching the sprout that was my hope
I tried to protect you, us.
Rushed to your aid as you fought like a lioness
Your hair became undone as they pulled at you
Blinded by fury, I knocked two Imperial soldiers to the ground
A gunshot and a shriek
I touched my chest to find crimson coating my hands
They’d forced you into the truck by then
The world seems to be submerged into a vat of rice wine
Sluggishly, hopelessly, I made my way towards you
Tears stream down your face, diamonds
Fingers outstretched, intertwine one last time
Then blackness.
And now, the scar above my heart is the only remnant of that day.
Of you.
Yobo, wait for me.


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