The Evil of Man


The sun has risen
Beautiful clear blue skies
The birds sing their song
The sleepy city comes to life

The daily warning sounds
Then disappears forever
The city can go on today
Living a dream of false content

Gold turned to dust
By light greater that 1000 suns
Engulfing the depleted land
Day has been turned into night

Now a barren wasteland
Flames consume the world
Screams of the lost and hopeless
Resonate in the thick air

Rain black as night
Permeates the land in darkness
Dying everything in sadness
But the fire still burns hot

Ghostly shapes float through the city
Crying their sad song
No longer human beings
Reduced to that of nothing

Hell came alive
Created by the evil of man
Hatred bred by war
Life will never return

One day we can reside in peace
Without the threat of war
Without the hatred of people
Forever happy and content


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