Self help

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My eyesthey are the windowto my very soul And I always wonderedwhat they saidabout meabout my actions? Am I kind?or am Ithe monsterI see in the mirrorevery morning?
Mom got pregnancy in hard, Wait for me in proud, Says I am child of Mohamed. When hard that I cry, I said "I am Husna Johari, Name of mom not dad.
Brain before body Response to stimulus   Required for life Required for happiness   If not made by you It will be made for you
If not from you first It doesn’t matter   Your perception Be careful with your definition   Vital part of life
Forth then back Teeter then totter   Deflected off Not quite straight back   Creation lives here Or so says the universe  
It feels different Makes you want to question   Don't resist Pay attention   Power lives in the changes
The world turns The sun rises Morning breaks as you realize It’s time for movement It’s time for change   The world turns
Dark and long goes the road Middle line stretches straight as if never ending   Lights only show so far But the line streams out straight into the black  
It based on results it won’t last Failure is coming and shatters perfection   Have you walked the path? Have you put in the work?  
Our fleeting view of reality Check points ensure accuracy   Balance your views  Mesh with humanity   Pursue beauty and truth
How do you love someone Someone you know at their core   The ins and outs, good and bad You know every thought and desire   You stand in judgement
Panic rages Anxiety attacks Fear abounds    How to make it stop Weather it? Fight it?   Breeding ground for inaction
It is not words It's not only thoughts Less talking required Internal rooting necessary Drive your legs down Let your feet firmly plant
Future   The future’s power Unlimited in nature Where creativity lives To shape the present   Past
Awareness within Not looking out It begins inside Then pushes its way out Self propriety and self focus Creating yourself isn’t selfish
A journey of life A painful endeavor A confusing time An inner turmoil A questioning mind A cloudy mess A day by day
When I look into your eye’s I see what you try to disguise To surmise Your pain Not in vane We are all the same Humane What defines a life is how you create it
​ I take a look at my life And realize  The times I spent Dreaming I should have been Believing in my self  Not drowning  Over whelmed asking for help So, he said
Through days of demanding duty And weeks of relentless fun, Mature I felt a year ago Now looks and feels so young.   In retrospect I do now see What I was blind to then.
To hell with what cinema says, Nobody wants pieces and shards and Broken glass is intimidating And a waste of time.   You get your hands dirty and cut
Outside your window  lies the hand that feeds you poison  now would be the reason  to bite the hand that feeds you  but you can’t know what you don’t know   angel exterior  but a monster inside 
When having no one by your side...Walk Alone When you see dreams with open eyes...Walk Alone When you have a vision of a beautiful life...Walk Alone When no one understands, no one supports... Walk Alone
If silence could kill... The feeling of emptiness... The pain of reverence... That never-ending wait... That unfelt bait... I could live with an unspoken lie...
From all the chaos outside.. I seek peace inside.. For all the judgement mongers.. I leave you there and here I slumber.. For all the negativity around.. I put on a positive sound..
No matter how mountain-high the difficulties appear to be, they are all terrible but delusions... Crush your fear and it banishes... Face your fear and it vanishes...
For the fear of words I have..let me write... For the never dying will power within me...let me write... You can't tie me down with your narcissism... My mind is wide open..and I am up after all cataclysm...
You said things which I never heard before... You took me to a place, I never visited in my life... You left me in a state, which I never thought existed... and then you moved on... I tried to shut the door...
For the man with a son who still looks like a child himself. he writes silly notes and always has candy in his pockets. How can somebody so young have the eyes of an old man.  
You tell me it didn’t happen like that-- I should just get over it… but I can’t. I can’t forget the words that you’ve said to me,
You say all this stuff that you hate about yourself.
10 days:No blade,no blood. 20 days:I'm tired,I'm sad,I want my blade. 30 days:I can't have my blade,I can't put a sharp object on my skin,am I finally clean?
I’ve been lonely lately, in a steady state of decay, feeling like I’m not really living, just killing time.   My body is shipwrecked, too much water in my lungs, too many cracks
Its just another day, My meals were a blur, I powered through day struggles, Knowing nothing different will occur, I find myself wondering if I could change my life, Make it a bit happier,
I am 14 and I am sinking to the bathroom floor for the third time this week. I read all the instructions, Filled out all the forms, But still I have fallen behind. I never speak up in class,
Have you ever felt alone?Like there's all these people around you at work or schoolSmiling and laughingWith their friendsAnd theirBest friends.
  Everyone thinks their love is special But what makes love special? Isn’t love special in itself? So how can one say their love is special? Love
Everyday in my life is a battle for a better day Only in my mind are the shackles of my yesterdays Free to think not free to say? Hear my ink let freedom play
You can't protect them. You can't change the inevitable. You couldn't my fate Mom. You couldn't change my fate Dad. Everything that happened, God, it was bad.
HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHINBY MIRA WILDER2014Temporary Loversare fleeting bits of blisslittle angels hoverhungry morning kisshow do we divide the timewith all the options granted
SEA OF THE BLUESBY MIRA WILDERPeople are always passingyou jointsit's hard to refuse themLovers are always making you hurtyou still excuse themfor so many years
be this. be that. be one thing. be another. BUT FOR GOD SAKE, DON'T BE DIFFERENT AND DO NOT BE THE SAME. be happy. be confident. be you. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU'RE BETTER THAN PEOPLE
Darling Darling
To K.    She started off a as normal girl didn't know about the cruel sad world Spent her time picking flowers
Remember yesterday, when I told you When I told you I laid Laid on the concrete floor In fetus position reaching for my heart
I'm envious towards the movies,  That's my only crime. Most take Marley, Coconut with the lime.   I'm Selective to necessity, Absorbent of the time. Transpose and Metamorphose,
He who is Freeis a friend of Me.Any who want Slaveryor Security is my Enemy.So leave me Beor I'll cap your Kneeand sell your Kidney. - End
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