Slam Against Bullying

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My sister came home from school  She was always smiling, even when she wasn't happy Nobody knew what she was going through She would tell our mom "I'm just not hungry" But what she didn't know was that I knew
Day by day, The colors fade. Morphed identities, Torn hearts, And bleeding smiles. All hidden under a translucent facade. Is it blindness Or is it ignorance? They are oblivious to
Want to know what its like To never want to go to school To wonder is this the day the bullies take it too far Today you can't stick up for yourself because you will be in trouble too
You think you know how it feels You think that walking away or turning your head makes the image go away  "It'll never happen to me." You say. There is a wound that never heals
I refuse to fit into your 9x9 inch squares and your 12x12 inch cubicles I refuse to always comb my hair and always look my best just so people could say, "yo, you look fresh ta death!"
  Blue skies after a storm blows away; blue eyes trying to keep the tears at bay.  You’re all on your own, a burden to those around you.  They push you down, and you can never pull yourself back up. 
All the time I see it happen, all around me it goes on. What do I do? Why do I do it? I Stand Up! I Fight Back!  I fight for the little guy.  I fight for what's right.  I do it for those who need help. 
Imagine if it were you..Imagine if it were you being bullied everyday..
This is not about me This is about someone I see everyday She’s sad, depressed Tearing over spilt milk She’s a coward Doesn’t speak against anyone else She does as she’s told and never speaks up.
Names called out in the hall, Tears-streaming-down, How can this be right? Under pressure from everyone, school, parents, friends…and now this Back-and-forth-back-and-forth;
Picked at, prodded, pushed and pawed at. How far are you willing to go? You cross the lines writing your words to him, until bloody lines are written on his arm. Nothing seems to stop you,
take your words and use them as you would thy dagger. slovenly fool i will grow stronger. you call me things i have heard before because you are nonethewiser. you knock the books out of my weary hand but that maketh thee nonethestronger...
When I look back at my high school yearsAnd think about all the tears From when I woke up every dayTo when I bowed my head at night to pray "God please stop the pain""Please stop everyday the words they rain"
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