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Names called out in the hall,


How can this be right?

Under pressure from everyone, school, parents, friends…and now this


The pressure building on top of a fragile body

Names, called out that should never have been said.

“Go kill yourself” “fat” “nobody wants you here”

She sits alone at lunch, she hides her face

Doesn’t know what she did wrong this time

It wasn’t her fault

…was it?

Does anyone deserves something quit this cruel?

She keeps her head lowered, don’t-make-eye-contact-don’t-make-eye-contact.

Someone puts their arm on her shoulder and she flinches

Knowing something bad will happen, nothing good ever comes when she’s noticed.

She turns to face her offender,

“Hi, I’m Jason why don’t you sit with me today at lunch.”

And it changes her life forever.

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