I refuse to fit into your 9x9 inch squares and your 12x12 inch cubicles

I refuse to always comb my hair and always look my best just so people could say, "yo, you look fresh ta death!"

And I refuse to go to school and to work and cook morning, noon, and night just so YOU can have a bite.

I refuse NOT to dream, to shut them out like I shut eyes filled with angry tears that stained MY face throughout the years.

And I refuse to NOT accept ME as I am and to let you smooth out my rough edges and mold me into a symmetrical geometrical figure with NO PERSONALITY what so ever.

I refuse to let you make me think I need a body like America's Next Top Model, a mind like the girls on Beauty and the Geek who don't know their days from weeks, and talent like the singers that actually deserve to be on American Idol.

I refuse to let you tell me when Its the appropriate time to SPEAK, CRY, AND BE ALIVE.

I refuse to let you make me feel insecure and HATE my imperfections because they're just like yours.

I refuse to let you make me think that ALL my mistakes are WRONG because in the end, mistakes, are what we learn from.

I refuse to let someone who curses like a sailor tell me to watch my FREAKIN' language.

I refuse to wear socks with NO HOLES in them sneakers with NO SOLES in them.

I refuse to let an imperfect being try to make me perfect.

Don't waste your time, because its not worth it...




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