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I was born here, but I didn’t ask to be.My parents thought this place would be amazing. They saw a future of peace and love;Little did they know, it would turn out crazy.Where no one loves me, knows me, respects me;I wish this could be a dream, an
Our country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, To you I sing; White men signing abortion laws That kill women for no cause Can you not see your flaws?  Let freedom ring  
Look, what do you see? Do you think I judge you Like you do me? There are things I wish I could do But feel helpless when I'm around
at this time of great unrest our nation stands divided in a civil war of prose snowflakes and nazis aliens and terrorists   little do our people know pride comes before the fall
Make America great again? I thought America was fine? I would really appreciate it  If we didn't leave Muslim behind   He says, "Muslims are terrorist, Mexicans are rapist,
America isn’t new America isn’t great How could a country thrive on hate? Unemployment is high Education is low How much further down can our country go?   Fear not, our future can be preserved
She is the darkness She is the core of all that is That darkness covers her like a cloak of beauty Deep and rich, like a serendibite skin  
Gone is the color in their eyes. Because of the choice of one person, On the ground, they all fell down   The cries for justice, When these three went, They all die down.  
Could you love one whom you've never even seen? Could you cry for an ambition you've never even believed?
How can y'all be stuffing your faces knowing that the children of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Africa, Bangladesh, Syria, Lebanon, and etc.. are starving?
Born an American but raised a pakistani to me, our traditions are normal but to everyone else, they're just uncanny.   "Fasting for 30 days? " "Don't you guys get hungry?"  
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