She is the darkness

She is the core of all that is

That darkness covers her like a cloak of beauty

Deep and rich, like a serendibite skin


But she is also the lamb

Pushed whichever which way by the dog

Made to stay on certain pastures

Made to eat only certain grass


She is the heart

She is the nature of all that is

Her nurture fosters all that surrounds her

Stern and strong, like the everlasting mountain


But she is also the mule

Made only for one believable job

Carrying the weight of all others

Carrying the weight of herself


She is the faith

She is the belief of all that is

The path has already been paved

Forever and always, the future lies beyond the Gates


But she is also the bee

Despised by the many who cannot see

Hiding over the cloak instead of under

Hiding from fear that the many inspire


She is all of these things

She is none of these things

She is not the darkness, the heart, or the faith

She is the lamb, the mule, and the bee


She is herself, she is other’s thoughts

She is her identity, she is what she was made to be

She was wrestled into that position

Yet, only she can change that predisposition


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