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Right now, There is a child born, Opening its eyes for the first time, Taking in the light of a world it has not yet explored, Breathing in the air that encases it’s small and helpless body,
Here I watch the crowds scatter Vast amounts of doubts gather I've steered my train of thought, trained the brain to block out chatter Town after town, I traded what I had known
 As tall as the clouds to you, yet are small as a pencil to the world.  Smooth to the thought, yet rough to the touch. As Strong as a mountain to man, yet as weak as flower to nature. Shelters, yet destories.
There comes a day where my life is happy There comes a day where my life is sadness There comes a day where my life is love There comes a day where my life is frustrating and confusing
I see you   In a clear compact box
Hurdle down from the highest bluff my child. One day you loomed forth from the obscure. Venture into dirt and sand blank the division who coward. Do not dare to bawl out to the floor.
This is my brother and I. See? We are young. We look like saints, wearing neck pillows on our heads, his red, mine blue. Our hands are in a prayer formation,
Here I am I am here Mentally, physically With love and with fear   Myabe Im not the best At that or at this But I show up, and I arrive Which some cannot give  
Where are you?   In the wind? Whirling round and round Filling ears with the lonely sound   In the earthquake? Dizzying destruction and pain
the infinite Stars keep Us company tonight
What is 'here'? The word I mean Here There? 'Here' -What does it mean?   Is it the physical manifestation of self? Is it the moment in time that all of our cells agree to be contained in space?
  Bro, you can’t fly You don’t even have wings I’m not saying give up But please, PLEASE Stop jumping off of buildings This is not an action movie No. You can’t call “Cut”
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