I Am Here

What is 'here'?

The word I mean



'Here' -What does it mean?


Is it the physical manifestation of self?

Is it the moment in time that all of our cells agree to be contained in space?


We walk







We write ourselves on the memory of those around us.

We walk in and out of the rooms in our minds.

We get lost on trails of thought.

We speak and our words are captured in the vacuum of silence that they occupy.


What is 'here'?

My body sits

Legs bent

Back erect

Head tilted


If you touch me I'll crumble

If you speak to me I'll respond

If you cut me I'll bleed

If you listen to these words

Here and now

Flowing from my mouth

Rolling off my tongue, yes

You would hear



But I am not here

Nor there

I am not contained

I am not confined

I do not shout for freedom

Because I am already free


Beyond my brain

The place at which my ever-spinning mind resides

Beyond my finger tips and toes

The extent to which I am physically defined

Beyond the sounds, words

That hang delicately in the air

Carried across the room by ships called Intrigue and Satisfaction


What is 'here'?

'Here' is everywhere



That we come into contact with

We are everywhere


My thoughts and feelings indelibly written on the hands of time

Scribbled across the face of this furrowed brow


As you stare in absolute wonder at how or why I came up with such a mad idea


Mad, well, yes

Of course.

Always Mad.

Always Free.

Always Here.

I am.


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