First love/break up

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Never able to forget,Offered my heart and soul,Unable to truly understand,Ruined the chance.
68 weeks and 5 days. This is the time I spent loving you. The people we confused. The holidays we celebrated together. The movies we watched. The first kiss we shared. The drives we took together. The dates we went on.
The Biggest Mistakes I Made in my First Long-Term Relationship i gave up my happiness in order to help make him feel whole
I long to wrap my aching arms around you, I can still taste the melted vanilla lipgloss you so carefully applied to my trembling lips You kissed me reverantly like I was a prayer you dared not speak aloud,
I. You were the beacon I needed as we trailed along a scattered glass shore. Brine on flesh, we wished to sail against the heartbeat of crashing waves.  
I. We grew up in the age of idiocy as children down along the seaside.   Back in the day, I wanted to sail ships, leave this beach in our wake.  
I meet you in track, You were a long jumper and I was long distance runner. You know what, I had fallen in love with your dorky laugh and smile. However you are younger than me,
It is so difficult to find Some like you, an one-of-a-kind. You will always be on my mind. My love, my love. You are sugar sweet to me. I feel like we were meant to be. People just don't want to see.
You say you are done your over him But at the end memories comes back. You try your best to ignore it But you can’t
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