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Gimmicks.   Gimmicks give me kicks like treats and tricks.   Gimmicks give me name a face and  me butt a place.   Gimmicks give me eyes looks
Mayonnaise, lemon, fish, and avocado Scrambled eggs, sushi, kiwi, cream cheese Foods I’d eat? No!! Cookies, oranges, pizza as I please But not the nasty food,
I’ve learned to fear wanting too many things. The selfishness I’ve harboured as a child has melted from a stain to just a bruise. The phrase “I want” used to spill from my mouth like blood from a wound The world could see.
I like the way your adult braces feel against my tongue how our stomach rolls fold in together you make me want to fuck you twice and even get coffee in the morning
I was five years old, On a light Christmas morning. I drank a glass of milk It was a chocolate tradition. Foolishly wanting to play,  I left it to sit and spoil Until I wanted it again.  
Face to face with my reflection In your toilet bowl again. I love you so much that the thrill Of your skin and your touch makes me ill, And the contents of inside must spill To make room for how much I feel.
Crispy crackers coat the cream, where doublestuff reigns supreme. In China there are weird-ass flavors, some are gross, but some you savor. Green tea, blueberry, and raspberry all,
I was in a big city And got a hotdog from a street vendor It taste sooooo good Ketchup, onions, chili and cheddar   As I walked home with a smile My stomach started to dance
Looked on the TV saw trumps tupee. That man has a lot of words to say today. I wonder if he would still like my vote though, i'm gay? Righhht... That's enough FOX  for this stud 
"Who is that?" you ask as you stare her way. shes changed so much. "Why is she like that?" you wonder everyday. "Look at her stomach!" You say, grossed out. She hates herself
If my hair looks different, I probably washed it today. I find flossing to be inhumane. I sleep in a nest of dirty laundry, and it's the most comfortable thing ever. #SweaterWeather means I am #NotShaving.
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
What do you want from him? he's busy,
When the lunch bell rings, students groan with dismay As they choke down mystery meat long after its slay. With the retched appearance, gagging fills the hall As students wonder why they must suffer at all.
The sizzle as it hits the black, it’s fried. Burgers are flipped all along the steel grill. And as we wait my brother he had sighed. When they come we’ll eat until our stomachs fill.
Some things I just don’t want to feel Like a hairy kiwi, a slimy banana peel Or a crusty, flaking elephant knee A needle-sharp stinger of an angry bee
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