Fast Food


United States
43° 40' 7.122" N, 116° 38' 46.482" W

The sizzle as it hits the black, it’s fried.
Burgers are flipped all along the steel grill.
And as we wait my brother he had sighed.
When they come we’ll eat until our stomachs fill.
The fries and soft drinks are all here just right.
So good you can really taste all the fat,
So good I could just stay here all the night.
In fact I think I’ll go and do just that.
These cooks do not get paid enough to work.
Sometimes they get angry and spit in food.
Around the low end homes these men will lurk.
Doing bad things they are up to no good.
Fast food is bad for you in every way.
You’ll no live to see a single new day.


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