What do you want from him?

he's busy,

and far too complex and away for you.

Two different branches of excellencies,

do not come together,

over a cup of coffee

as sweet as it sounds, yes.

But I am a bookshop,

passed over by tired eyes and quick

fleeting thoughts.

He is something else entirely.

Like the small streams of rainwater,

the kind that ran down your old 

car window and staining

water beaten porches.

Self-development , self-assurance,

business partners.

He is the most important, in his world.

Worldly, is what he is looking for.

In the wrong pages, I presume.

I'd rather not get involved, but

he is much the unique warmth

that I have not seen

in a very long time.

What an eminent flame.

Boasting with future and good riddance.

All while, I am fine here with a small

coffee in my hand,

at an empty table.

I wrote about that once,

the possibility of company.

It's an old envisage that I continue to

fall in love with.

"Oh, Gabby, Gabby, Gabby...", ha

"Oh, Giovanni, Giovanni, Giovanni..."

I shushed jokingly as I sat down beside him.



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