Aquired Taste

Mayonnaise, lemon, fish, and avocado

Scrambled eggs, sushi, kiwi, cream cheese

Foods I’d eat? No!!

Cookies, oranges, pizza as I please

But not the nasty food,

that weren’t swallowed with ease

Those just got booed

“You can go out and play,

please just eat,” Mom wishes

“No thanks,” I say,

“I’d rather eat the dishes.”

I refused the meals until one day

I gave up with a loud “okay, I’ll try it!”

Nose pinched, eyes shut I took a chance

Then couldn’t remember the cause of my fit

Mom jumped for joy and did a dance

Clearly glad she hadn’t quit

My pickiness disappeared

I gulp it down

And forget what I feared

But one food will always make me frown

Broccoli. Still can’t choke that down


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