Disability Rights

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When there's tears to cry 😭 You're heart start to hurt Like pins and needles to say strong enough To lift yourself up Don't look in the mirror behind these broken Tears that can control you to be sad
First and foremost, I would like to advise that I have been dealing with some severe emotional issues, in which recently on October of 2017 I was diagnosed with my illness. Which, causedmy academic standing to be affected in the past.
Your obsession with my willingness to overcome challenge leaves me feeling like a failure Your words have power the way you use them hurts me 
One year ago, It was a brand new year. New memories to be made, Two thousand sixteen.   There I was, Watching the sun set,
I am stuck on a island everyday   From the unaccessible sidewalks   To the bigoted words you say   Yes I may be handicapped   But aren't we all in our own way  
              “I am misunderstood. I am an artist.                I work with my heart through my hands;                a concept not accepted in this unforgiving society.”
How can you tell, tell them they can't do well? Why can't they feel accepted anywhere out side of their home? All this discrimination caused by a single chromosome?
Silence It surrounds me Someone talking in the other room Someone is laughing But the silence is around me Crushing me. I can’t breathe.   I wait a moment, I blink She’s twelve
STUMBLE by Breea Renee   Where is my leg? My arm feels lost in space. My eyes are black with confusion. My throat closes.
Welcome to the hospital. Where they strip you of your human rightsLike liberty and lawful due processYour right to choose, and live, and think,Then say you have Delusions of Persecution.
Dana never could remember what was proper to say His only concern ever was to make someone's day. So when Dana saw a girl, as lonely as could be, He walked up to that girl, and that girl was me.
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