Unstoppable and ready to achieve all my goals no matter what obstacle!!!

First and foremost, I would like to advise that I have been dealing with some severe emotional issues, in which recently on October of 2017 I was diagnosed with my illness. Which, causedmy academic standing to be affected in the past. Both my current doctors and I can testify that; I was in no condition, or state of mind to have been as effective as I could’ve been in which, my current school status and or academics reflect currently.November of 2012: I was involved in an accident which caused varies claims to be ongoing through 2013 also, adding a significant financial loss on my family and I.March of 2015: Besides the fact that I had been dealing with this untreated diagnosis, I was involved in an automobile accident in which I was left with no transportation to even get to school because my automobile had been totaled, in which my parents came to a decision to make me move back home to Miami. At that point I was left with minimum options and had to withdraw from my entire semester from Spring of 2015 school year. Thus, I was left hopeless because I was ill without knowledge and had also lost my means of transportation, just adding to my difficulties.August of 2014 - January of 2016: My family and I experienced a very hard time in our lives because financial of major losses due to the tragic car accident that happened on August of 2014. This car accident caused a major law suit against us, which, didn’t end until 2016. This financial burden set our family back, resulting in multiple cases throughout the years, which drained me both financially and most important, emotionally. Overall, putting a toll on my health.As of October 2017, I was diagnosed with disabilities that are beyond my control. My doctors and I are certain that it had also contributed to my lack of academic progress in my past school years. They also support the fact that if my diagnosis was caught any sooner and treated with its proper medication, I would have had a better performance in my schooling and I would’ve overcame those obstacles that I was indeed facing. I am currently receiving treatment and I can honestly say that I was at a complete disadvantage that affected the entire outcome being left with the feeling of not receiving a fair opportunity. I have a certified disability in which I’ve been in need of a decision being made by my school’s financial aid department to continue receiving necessary financial aid.February of 2016: I was involved in another automobile accident which also extended financial losses. These claims are still open to this date, the case is not settled.In March of 2016: with everything I had at hand; to top it off, one of my parents had inquired an injury which, left me having no choice but to care for them while being a full-time worker.I will make sure to take all of my needed medications alongside with my treatments. Therefore, allowing me to continue progressing in life and with school. Continuing my treatment has allowed me to do the simple things in life that I wasn’t able to do on a regular basis without it. I will continue to strive for my education which is the reason that I am so interested in repairing my academic situation. I am just so motivated to excel with excellence that I will always position myself moving forward to keep me from falling again.I believe I’ve came a long way after finally being diagnosed and treated. I have been better with understanding that although; I have an illness I am able to still push forward and receive the education that I capable of having and deserve. I have learned one thing in particular that has changed a lot and has helped me with my disabilities which is the importance of the treatment that I am receiving. I truly believe my health, thoughts and behavior have progressed substantially. I’m certain my current academics and future academics will reflect it. I am currently working, studying and being treated in which I believe I’m on the right path.I will continue to put all my efforts to reach the higher education by putting my focus on what is important which is my health, education, and family. I will continue to keep focus with coming semesters and continue to increase my passing percentile. Dedicating my time to all my future classes now with the ability to take control, I will work my hardest. I will not let both my efforts and or myself down again. Sincerely,Michelle Ivonne Martinez

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