Two Thousand Sixteen

One year ago,

It was a brand new year.

New memories to be made,

Two thousand sixteen.


There I was,

Watching the sun set,

Through the palm trees,

Thinking on the rocks of Morocco.


Day after day,

Visiting new places,

Trying new things,

Helping new people.


Everywhere I went,

People on the sides of the road,

Begging for money,

To feed their families.


And I,

Looking at them through the glass window,

Searching for any spare change,

Witnessing the despair in their eyes.


Raising money,

In any way possible,

Just to help out,

Those less fortunate than me.


Buying $150 worth of art supplies,

Just to see a smile,

On the hopeful faces,

Of the innocent children.


Now, sitting in my class,

Of my higher privileged school,

In my wealthy city,



Thinking about those children,

Who needed everything,

Now surrounded by those,

Who have everything,

But want more.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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