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What does it mean to be 'all grown up'? Have a car? Job? Apartment? For me, being grown up meant self-advocacy. Age 15, depression and anxiety was at it's highest.
1. Going Opposite: Tomato, Tomata, Hakuna Matata.I always find myself going opposite of my mentor, drawing a wedge more extensive than the grand canyon.
I  remember it dearly the prospect of opportunity. From my room where I studied, Then I moved forward. Possibilities presumed me.
Two years stuck in the same chair, On the same computer, On the same website. Two years speaking to the same people, To the sane adults,  To my insane self. Two years of homeschooling,
Ever since I was young, I wasn't sure what life was about. Sometimes I'd sit in my room and pout. As I was growing up, I didn't have much friends. I grew up on a farm full of hens. After grade 8, I started online schooling.
See my mom was my teacher, to some that may be lame, but to me it is cool, 'cuz we could play lots of games. I didn't suffer through High school drama, I didnt have to deal with people's charades...
Schoolwork is fun when you minus the school Here at home I’m not considered uncool My stress has been lifted, I’m in no hurry Like Hakuna Matata, it means no worry
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