An Educational Shift

I  remember it dearly the prospect of opportunity.

From my room where I studied,

Then I moved forward.

Possibilities presumed me.

A new world with new dreams to behold.

Ignorant of weary souls held within its walls.

True sadness and defeat where many children meet.   


Perspectives shift with time.

Now not so friendless.

Now not so fearless.

Flaws more apparent.

Maturity with knowledge of the inside and out.

People so heartless

I have no doubt.


I know it’s a gift.

But maybe I need another educational shift.

I am starting to dip.

Here I sit.

My back is glued to where I sit.


I used to feel knowledge is gain,

Less pain.

I constantly felt the power.

Breath in the wisdom of them.

As they lived and died,

Now so shall I.


How does this seat attempt to captivate me?

Brick walls painted in white.

Cold rooms I can’t seem to fight.

Dead faces,

have they ever seen the light?


I’ve forgotten the blue sky existed.

The world where trust was given.

Is respect respectfully left out of the curriculum?

I’m just a number in a system.

Am I rambling now?

I apologize now.

But this is how I found sometimes the joy of learning can’t seem to be found.


This poem is about: 
My community


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