Minus the School


United States
42° 51' 51.606" N, 87° 54' 49.9212" W

Schoolwork is fun when you minus the school
Here at home I’m not considered uncool
My stress has been lifted, I’m in no hurry
Like Hakuna Matata, it means no worry

I’m finally motivated to live my life
There’s no more jerks to give me strife
Just a loving mother and my little cat
Before now, I only dreamed of that

I can lounge around in jammies all day
Don’t have to listen to what teachers say
I can go to the bathroom whenever I wish
And the toilet isn’t all covered in piss

I can choose when and what to eat
No waiting in line or finding a seat
I can get up and stretch without being rude
Each day like this skyrockets my mood


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