Black and White

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The difficult me! And I can make you mad But I’m also fun I can make you laugh. AI’m tough and arrogant I can make you loose your mind But I’m also loyal I will not let you down.
Ripped from my cocoon, I stand in a lunch room, looking for a seat. I just want to eat.   I am not expecting a mirror but I cannot see myself here. It looks like each table has a code
Im hurt and there nothing worse. These kids take drugs and make love and are destined to become professional thugs but what do I know i'm a privileged white girl, a nice girl.
She gently wrote the first line My nose flared at her style She searched my face for a sign My eyes went up to the ceiling tile What was written, I didn't like She lost patience after a while
Slavery...the practice of forcing an individual to work, With absolutely no pay.Hustling early morning to late night in the fields,With undoubtfully no say.Day by day, the slaves pray,To make it out alive, knowing they must stay. Bull whips constr
To all that is black and white the darkest fear of night To the heart that is unfaithful the scent is now distasteful   The ticking of the clock the rocking chair won't rock
Recently, applying for scholarships have become a blur. The number one question I get is  What are you personal and educational goals? To me, stating my personal and educations goals seperately
It’s all so cold lost and lonely, veiled by frost- be quiet, I’m told never speak up, no cost never any loss-
As I fill out the form it asks me Oh darlin' what's your racial identity? I look to the sky I think with all of my might Am I african american or am I caucasain white? My skin is fair
Kendrick said with his pen he's the hypocrite of 2015Well line up boys cause I'm the one for 2016I'm white just like the moonlight that were wolves shed their skins in
  My name is the syncopated beat Of a dotted eighth note, sixteenth note Rocking like a boat on windy waters   My laugh is the swoop of glissando Sometimes a delicate slide
I see the world through black and white
Black and White Night and day, but where’s the grey? Can I not just be judged by what I have to say? People take one look and start to categorize I can see it from the look in their eyes
My last recollection of seeing a black butterfly was not long ago. I remember it was on a particular flower. I remember it was on a red flower that had just bud after sun rise.
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